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Celebrating a Young Physics Phenom Mentored by AQC's Victor Galitski

In a remarkable achievement in the field of physics, Michael Hofmann Winer, a student mentored by AQC's Victor Galitski, won a prestigious national award. This recognition, highlighted in a Washington Post article by Donna St. George on March 15, 2015, celebrated Winer's exceptional research in the realm of quantum physics, specifically his work on phonons and their interactions with electrons.

Victor Galitski's Student Wins National Physics Award

Michael Hofmann Winer, a senior at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, conducted groundbreaking research during his internships at the University of Maryland, College Park. Under the guidance of U-Md. physics professor Victor Galitski and graduate student Justin Wilson, Winer delved into the complex interactions between phonons—quasi-particles of sound—and electrons. This research holds potential implications for advanced electronic materials, such as superconductors.

Winer's work earned him the first-place prize for innovation in the esteemed Intel Science Talent Search competition, amounting to $150,000. His research stands out for its potential impact on the electronics of the future, offering insights into the development of new quantum materials.

Phonons, a central focus of Winer's research, play a critical role in how heat and sound travel through materials. Understanding their interaction with electrons is crucial for developing materials with desirable electronic and thermal properties. This research is particularly relevant to superconductors, materials that can conduct electricity without resistance, which are key to many future technological advancements.

Victor Galitski's mentorship of Winer underscores the importance of nurturing young talent in the field of physics. Galitski's expertise in quantum condensed matter physics has been instrumental in guiding Winer's research, leading to this significant achievement.

Winer's success is not just a personal triumph but also a testament to the strong science education at Montgomery Blair High School. His teacher, James R. Schafer, praised Winer's exceptional intellect and insight, highlighting his ability to comprehend complex topics.

This award marks a significant milestone in Winer's early scientific career. It also highlights the ongoing efforts to foster young talent in the field of physics, essential for the continued advancement of science and technology.

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