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India’s Quantum Ecosystem: AQC's New Comprehensive Report

AQC is excited to announce the release of its comprehensive report on India’s quantum technology landscape.

The Indian Quantum Ecosystem Report by AQC
Download PDF • 986KB

This detailed analysis, titled “India’s Quantum Technology Ecosystem: 2022–2023,” marks a significant milestone in understanding the country’s quantum technology sector. It is the first report of its kind and scope since a NASSCOM report of almost two years ago, offering a deep dive into the multifaceted developments in this field.

Authored by Dr. Philip Nikolayev and Susmit Panda, the report illuminates India’s quantum journey with an extensive review of government initiatives, academic contributions, private sector involvement, and international collaborations. Among the government’s key initiatives is the National Mission for Quantum Technologies and Applications (NM-QTA), which received a substantial investment of 80 billion INR (approximately 960 million USD). This flagship initiative aims to develop advanced quantum technologies, including a 50-qubit quantum processor and establishing quantum communication networks.

India’s academic sector, led by institutions such as IISc, IISERs, and IITs, plays a pivotal role in advancing quantum technology. These institutions are making significant contributions, particularly in quantum computing and communication.

The private sector, with major corporations like Coforge, HCL Technologies, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Tech Mahindra, and about 20 operational startups, is also actively exploring quantum technologies. These entities are focusing on applications in diverse industries and contributing to the growth of India’s quantum ecosystem.

India’s international collaborations, including partnerships with countries like the USA, Israel, Finland, and the EU, further augment its quantum capabilities. Multinational companies such as Capgemini, Fujitsu, IBM, NTT Data, and Samsung have established a significant presence in India, bolstering the country’s quantum technology advancements.

Despite these strides, the sector faces challenges, including legal barriers, funding constraints, talent shortages, and infrastructural needs. Addressing these will be crucial for sustaining India’s momentum in quantum technology.

For quantum professionals and investors interested in the quantum situation in India, this report offers valuable insights and a comprehensive overview of the current state and prospects of this exciting field.

This blog post is a brief overview of the detailed report available for download. It captures the essence of India’s quantum technology landscape, highlighting the significant progress made in the sector and outlining the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Run by leading academic physicists, AQC is an authoritative scientific due diligence provider for quantum technology, deep tech and sci-tech.


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