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AQC’s Quantum Technology Due Diligence Service

Quantum Computing, Sensing, Cybersecurity, QKD

Amid the quantum frontier’s promise lies a tapestry of latent risks. AQC to the rescue! We take the guesswork out of the quantum industry by providing scientific due diligence for quantum technology projects. Let us discuss your business concerns today!

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AQC's Quantum Team

At the core of Aspen Quantum Consulting (AQC) is an unparalleled team of quantum luminaries who are globally recognized for their pioneering contributions. Our extensive diverse network of partnering scientists can help evaluate any interdisciplinary applications of quantum. We also understand the critical importance of practical success. Thus, alongside our core quantum specialists, we integrate legal, strategic consulting, and financial markets expertise. This unique amalgamation empowers AQC to deliver unparalleled due diligence services for quantum technologies.

With Dr. Charles W. Clark, an Emeritus Fellow at NIST and former Co-Director of the Joint Quantum Institute, Dr. Yuval Oreg, a Professor of Physics at the Weizmann Institute, and Dr. Victor Galitski, a Chesapeake Chair Professor at the University of Maryland, AQC possesses a collective wealth of expertise. These luminaries have not only shaped the quantum landscape through groundbreaking research but have also designed curricula and led quantum courses that have educated countless students worldwide.

AQC’s distinctive team equips us with an unrivaled ability to evaluate quantum technologies across the spectrum of readiness. The groundbreaking work of our core members in diverse aspects of quantum research, ranging from topological qubits to many-body quantum physics, aligns seamlessly with our scientific due diligence services. Our commitment to rigorous analysis, coupled with real-world understanding, positions us as the quintessential partner for validating quantum projects.

Our Quantum Tech Philosophy

Effective analysis of quantum projects mandates an in-depth, down-to-the-minute knowledge of the state-of-the-art of key players across academia and industry.


We focus on practical applications that can be achieved within a reasonable time frame for venture capital.


We are passionate about the success of quantum technology. We do not push “pet projects.”


We only endorse technologies that we believe in. We seek dynamic partnerships with our clients in the nascent and evolving quantum domain.

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Why Partner with AQC?

For Quantum Technology Investors:

  • Expert Insight. Gain access to our reputable quantum science team’s deep expertise and unbiased analysis to make informed investment decisions.

  • Risk Assessment. Let our experts evaluate the potential of quantum projects, providing you with a clear understanding of the associated risks and rewards.

  • Due Diligence. Rely on our meticulous due diligence process to uncover critical information and ensure you’re investing in viable quantum ventures.

  • Market Trends. Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the rapidly evolving quantum landscape and its impact on investment opportunities.

For Innovation-Driven Quantum Tech Companies:

  • Scientific Validation. Leverage our esteemed quantum researchers to validate your technological advancements and attract investors.

  • Strategic Guidance. Benefit from our team’s business acumen and industry knowledge to craft effective strategies for market entry and growth.

  • Credibility Boost. Aligning with our established experts adds authority and credibility to your quantum startup, attracting attention from potential partners and investors.

  • Network Expansion. Tap into our extensive network of industry connections, accelerating your startup’s access to resources, funding, and collaborations.

Some usually reserved physicists have even begun to speak of a "second quantum revolution".

Frank Wilczek, winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in physics


(as quoted in Wall Street Journal, 2018)

Quantum DD Challenges

In this era of quantum revolution, a myriad of pioneering quantum technologies is sprouting forth, each carving a distinct path toward the future. From quantum sensing to quantum computing (with its hardware and algorithms) to quantum cybersecurity (including encryption and QKD), these multidimensional innovations span an array of market readiness stages. Their intricacies are formidable, demanding expert verification to confirm their potential and ensure their robustness.

Reach out to us to discuss your concerns related to quantum and due diligence!

Certainly, issues of hype and exaggerated claims in the quantum computing field increase the need for vigilant due diligence, which can carefully assess the credibility, potential, and risks of investment opportunities in quantum. The challenges faced by the quantum industry are several, and your business may be confronted with a combination of them.

Differentiating Hype from Reality. The pervasive hype surrounding quantum technologies can make it challenging to discern genuine advancements from overblown claims. Investors must navigate through a landscape where startups and companies might exaggerate their achievements to attract funding. Distinguishing between valid technological progress and mere marketing becomes crucial to avoid investing in projects that lack substance.

Uncertainty and Unpredictability. Quantum technologies are still in the experimental and developmental phase, and the path to practical applications can be uncertain. Due diligence faces the challenge of evaluating the feasibility and timeline for translating theoretical concepts into commercially viable products. The fluidity of the field demands a nuanced understanding of scientific progress and technological challenges.

Complexity of Technology. Quantum technologies are complex and involve intricate science. Investors require a high level of technical expertise to assess the authenticity of claims and the feasibility of proposed solutions. Misunderstanding or misjudging the technical aspects can lead to misinformed investment decisions.

Lack of Standards. The absence of standardized metrics for evaluating quantum technologies further complicates due diligence efforts. New metrics like IMB’s “Quantum Volume” attempt to provide a quantitative assessment, but they are still evolving and may not capture the full scope of a technology’s potential or limitations.

Rapid Evolution. The quantum landscape is fast evolving, with new breakthroughs and advancements occurring frequently. Due diligence must account for the evolving nature of the technology, considering the potential impact of emerging developments on the viability of existing projects.

Risk of Investment Loss: Exaggerated claims and hype in the field can result in investments that fail to deliver as promised. Due diligence needs to accurately assess the risk of financial loss associated with investing in quantum projects, especially given the uncertain and dynamic nature of the technology.

Limited Track Record. Many quantum technologies are in their infancy, lacking a substantial track record of successful real-world applications. This lack of historical performance data makes it challenging to project the potential return on investment accurately.

Varying Readiness Levels. Different quantum technologies are at different levels of readiness. Some, like quantum sensing and encryption, are closer to practical implementation, while others, like quantum computing, face substantial technical hurdles. Due diligence must account for these variations when evaluating opportunities.

Diverse Hardware Approaches. Quantum technologies are pursued using diverse and competing hardware approaches, each with unique challenges and potential. The contestants include superconductors, trapped ions, photons, neutral atoms, silicon-based systems, and more. While each approach presents its own set of obstacles, such as qubit stability, error correction, coherence time, connectivity, scalability, no hardware has yet been proven as the winner. Due diligence needs to understand the detailed pros and cons of the various hardware platforms and assess their readiness for practical applications. Assessing the maturity of these hardware platforms is paramount in determining the feasibility and timeline of project success.

Connect with us to explore your quantum technology due diligence worries in depth!

Long-Term Perspective. Quantum technologies are often associated with transformative potential that might take years to fully materialize. Due diligence in this field requires a long-term perspective that considers not only short-term financial gains but also the broader impact and timeline of technological advancements.

Ethical and Societal Considerations. Quantum technologies could have profound societal consequences, including implications for security, privacy, and ethics. Due diligence must account for these broader considerations and assess how a project aligns with responsible and ethical practices.

Regulatory Uncertainty. As quantum technologies progress, regulatory frameworks may evolve. Due diligence needs to consider the potential impact of future regulations on the commercialization and adoption of quantum solutions.

Market Fragmentation. The quantum landscape is fragmented, with various players pursuing different technologies and applications. Due diligence must account for market dynamics, competitive landscapes, and potential partnerships or collaborations that could impact the success of an investment.

Talent and Expertise. Quantum technologies require specialized expertise and a skilled workforce. Due diligence should assess the team’s qualifications, experience, and ability to execute the proposed project successfully.

Intellectual Property Landscape. The intellectual property landscape in quantum technologies is rapidly expanding, and due diligence must consider issues related to science and engineering breakthroughs, patent filings, proprietary technology, and potential legal disputes.

Funding and Investment Trends. Due diligence must stay abreast of funding trends in the quantum sector, identifying key investors, successful startups, and potential red flags. An understanding of the funding ecosystem can provide insights into the industry’s trajectory.

In conclusion, due diligence in the quantum technology domain is a complex and multifaceted endeavor. The challenges of hype, uncertainty, complexity, and rapid evolution require due diligence experts to possess a unique blend of technical knowledge, industry insight, critical thinking, and a willingness to explore opportunities while mitigating risks. As the quantum landscape matures, due diligence methodologies will continue to evolve, and collaborations between experts across disciplines will play a crucial role in making informed investment decisions in this high-potential, yet challenging, field.

Considering these challenges, scientific due diligence in the quantum domain requires a multidisciplinary approach that combines technical expertise, industry knowledge, and a critical evaluation of claims. Due diligence experts must be adept at deciphering scientific jargon, assessing the credibility of research, and forming a well-rounded assessment of the investment’s potential and risks. Additionally, partnerships with domain experts, academic institutions, and industry leaders can be a great asset in navigating the complex terrain of quantum technologies.

Let AQC serve as your guiding light through the intricate terrain of quantum tech!

Partnering with AQC means advancing the quantum frontier with confidence and seizing the full potential of this groundbreaking technology. Connect with us here!

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