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AQC: Scientific Audit for Deep Tech / Hardtech

Validating Deep Tech Through Scientific Expertise

Choose AQC for top-tier deep tech and hardtech due diligence. Our renowned scientists perform meticulous technology audits, enhancing decision-making in intricate projects. Contact us today to elevate your deep tech initiative with AQC!


AQC’s Deep Tech Credentials

AQC stands equipped with exceptional qualifications that uniquely position us to fulfill the demands of deep tech due diligence. Our panel of experts and our network of partnering academics encompass a diverse array of scientific backgrounds, enabling us to address the nuanced scientific considerations that underpin deep tech projects. We provide an unparalleled blend of expertise, ensuring that each project receives a thorough and rigorous scientific review.

Our Approach to Deep Tech Projects

In the realm of deep tech, scientific integrity is paramount.


AQC approaches deep tech projects with an unwavering commitment to meticulous scientific due diligence of the highest order.


Our methodology incorporates a holistic evaluation of technological advancements, scientific principles, and innovative breakthroughs that define deep tech.


As leaders in scientific due diligence, we bridge the gap between scientific excellence and strategic decision-making.

Scientific Rigor in Deep Tech Due Diligence

Deep tech industries (also called “hardtech”) thrive on technological innovations that reshape the future. Scientific due diligence plays a pivotal role in validating the potential of these innovations. AQC recognizes the imperative for robust scientific assessments, as they hold the key to unlocking the value that resides in breakthroughs. Authoritative scientific due diligence offers deep tech stakeholders a profound understanding of the technological scenery, enabling strategic decisions grounded in empirical insights.

Deep Tech comprises a range of major branches that we touch upon below. Let AQC know your deep tech due diligence requirements now!

Quantum Tech

Quantum technology, encompassing quantum computing, communication, cryptography, and sensing, presents groundbreaking possibilities that challenge classical computing and communication paradigms and take modern sensors to a qualitatively new level. Due diligence in this domain demands a deep dive into the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics. AQC audits quantum innovations, evaluating their scientific foundations, technological readiness, and potential impact. Understanding the delicate nature of qubits, the potential for quantum supremacy, and the complexities of quantum error correction is essential for a comprehensive scientific review. By offering comprehensive technology reviews, we empower stakeholders to harness the transformative potential of quantum tech with scientific precision.


The domain of electronics, spanning such diverse areas as AI hardware, superconductors, and photonics, is undergoing rapid advancements that redefine technological possibilities. Conducting due diligence here necessitates a meticulous command of the underlying scientific foundations. Assessing the material properties of superconductors, the performance of AI hardware, and the optics of photonics requires a seasoned scientific eye. The status and implications of Moore’s Law, the emergence of novel materials, and the convergence of electronics with other fields shape the landscape. A profound understanding of physics, coupled with knowledge of recent breakthroughs, is critical for a holistic scientific assessment.


The computing realm is undergoing seismic shifts, driven by powerful hardware, sophisticated software, and the integration of AI, machine learning, computer vision, and quantum, neuromorphic, and analog computing. This technological revolution is extending its influence across diverse industries and shaping the fabric of everyday life. AQC provides thorough due diligence for projects in innovative computing, serving both companies and investors, which relies on our comprehensive understanding of evolving hardware architectures, neural networks, algorithms, and hardware-software co-design. Evaluating the scientific rigor behind AI models, the robustness of machine learning algorithms, and the efficiency of the new forms of computing architectures is essential.

Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation technologies are yet another powerful factor that is transforming life as we know it. It is reshaping industries, from manufacturing to healthcare, with autonomous robots and collaborative cobots. In-depth due diligence is crucial here, focusing on assessing the feasibility of robotic systems, their technical capabilities, and the societal implications of automation. Understanding the dynamics of human-robot interaction, evaluating risk management strategies, and ensuring compliance with safety standards are key components of a thorough scientific review. Furthermore, the domain-specific intricacies of robotics, such as sensor fusion, localization, and motion planning, demand precise evaluation.


Nanotechnology represents a frontier where engineering meets the atomic scale, leading to breakthroughs in nanoelectronics, nanomaterials, nanomanipulation, nanophotonics, sensors, and more. Nanoscale innovations discover unique properties and applications, providing industries with enhanced materials and functionalities. Scientific evaluation involves understanding the fundamental principles of nanoscale phenomena, scrutinizing material properties, and predicting potential applications. Due diligence in this field relies on our thorough grasp of the scientific foundations of nanostructures, their material properties, and areas of potential applications. A comprehensive scientific audit can be pivotal for stakeholders seeking to harness the full potential of nanotechnology.

Biotech and Medical Tech

Biotechnology and medical tech are radically changing the face of modern healthcare, with breakthroughs in genomics, personalized medicine, medical imaging, and more. Strict due diligence is a must, encompassing the validity of scientific claims and potential medical applications, often coupled with ethical considerations. Assessing the accuracy of diagnostic tools, the safety of regenerative medicine, or the efficacy of biomedical sensors requires a robust scientific review. Understanding the implications of genomics for disease management or evaluating advances in telemedicine likewise depends on domain-specific scientific expertise. Thorough scientific due diligence is a critical step in industries that directly impact human health.

Ready to Explore Deep Tech’s Scientific Frontiers with AQC?

Energy and Environmental Tech

Energy and environmental tech are pivotal in addressing global challenges. Renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and environmental monitoring are at the forefront. Due diligence may address the ecological impact of energy solutions, the efficiency of sustainable agriculture practices, or the accuracy of environmental monitoring technologies. Evaluating energy conversion efficiency or carbon capture methods are scientific considerations. Navigating the complexities of environmental regulations, assessing ecological sustainability, and ensuring societal benefits pose challenges that authoritative due diligence can help meet. A thorough scientific audit can go a long way toward ensuring stakeholders’ confidence in these vital domains.

Materials Tech

Materials innovations, including advanced and smart materials, drive transformative changes across diverse industries. Due diligence may involve assessing the behaviors of advanced materials and smart materials, their potential uses, as well as their safety, health, and environmental consequences. Verifying the durability of biomaterials or assessing their suitability for medical applications may also require a technology audit. Understanding the scientific aspects of new materials, from their creation to their industrial implications, is crucial for technological advancement.

Electronics Space Tech

Space exploration and satellite technology open new vistas of human understanding. These advancements redefine cosmic aspirations and contribute to technological progress on Earth. Reliable evaluation of space tech, e.g. space mission feasibility, satellite technology readiness, or the challenges of space tourism, relies on heavy-duty technical due diligence. A scientific audit by AQC can facilitate informed decisions and contributions to space exploration.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies offer immersive experiences. Due diligence may involve such aspects of AR and VR as display accuracy, motion tracking, motion sickness mitigation, and potential for adverse health effects.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing, encompassing 3D printing and additive manufacturing, is at the forefront of successful deep tech innovation. Due diligence is likely to evaluate the precision of manufacturing techniques, the material properties of 3D-printed objects, potential applications, and so on. Understanding the scientific nuances of advanced manufacturing, from customization to rapid prototyping, empowers stakeholders to leverage this transformative technology with scientific precision. A technology audit will ensure that advanced manufacturing technologies comply with scientific and industrial standards.

Transportation Tech

A new generation of transportation tech is evolving with electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and hyperloop systems. These industries rely heavily on science-driven innovation. Accordingly, due diligence requirements may include assessing the feasibility of autonomous navigation, the efficiency of electric propulsion systems, the quality of batteries or of autonomous vehicle sensors, or the safety of hyperloop transportation. From vehicle-to-infrastructure communication to sustainable urban mobility solutions, stakeholders must depend on systematic due diligence in shaping the future of transportation.

Security and Privacy Tech

Security and privacy tech, including cybersecurity and privacy-enhancing technologies, plays a critical role in the digital age. Generally, security systems are as strong and as sound as their supporting technical due diligence. It may focus on cyber threat elimination, encryption methods, intrusion detection systems, data integration protection, etc. Navigating evolving privacy regulations may also require ethical and legal expertise.



Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Tech

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized financial systems and data management. Due diligence may evaluate their technological underpinnings, potential applications, vulnerabilities, and limitations. Whether it’s about the principles of blockchain consensus algorithms, the security of cryptocurrency wallets, the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi), the details of blockchain scalability, or the energy efficiency of cryptocurrency mining – proper due diligence brings confidence to this transformative domain.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of authoritative due diligence tailored to the intricacies of your deep tech industry.

In the ever-evolving realm of deep tech, scientific due diligence is necessary to unlocking transformative potential. AQC’s expertise in scientific audits and technology evaluation empowers enterprises and investors alike to advance deep tech innovation with confidence. With our comprehensive technology reviews, we bridge the gap between scientific integrity and strategic decision-making, fusing technological implementation with scientific inquiry and guiding deep tech projects toward success.

Takeaways and Next Steps

AQC’s scientific due diligence delivers distinctive advantages to investors, inventors, and companies in deep tech.

For Investors. Our rigorous tech audits provide a clear and authoritative understanding of the scientific landscape, reducing risks and enhancing investment decisions. The unique expertise of AQC and its partnering scientist network ensures that opportunities are thoroughly assessed, leading to more profitable and strategic investments.

For Inventors. Our due diligence process strengthens your position by validating your important contributions to hardtech, pinpointing areas of improvement and offering data-backed insights. Our scientific reviews empower inventors to refine their technologies, find new directions of development, secure funding, and accelerate innovation, ultimately turning concepts into impactful realities.

For Companies. AQC acts as a steadfast partner, offering a competitive edge through in-depth scientific audits. Our commitment to scientific rigor ensures that your deep tech projects align with the highest standards, fostering credibility and confidence among stakeholders. This, in turn, opens doors to collaborations, partnerships, and market leadership.

Ready to harness the power of scientific precision and technological advancement for your deep tech initiatives? Contact AQC today to embark on a journey of unparalleled due diligence, tailored to the intricacies of your industry. Elevate your deep tech projects with AQC and gain the competitive edge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation. Your next steps begin here!

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