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Crowdfund the Future of Open Science!

Get a Stake in AQC’s parent company ScienceCast

Crowdfunding ScienceCast

Imagine a world where the latest scientific research is at your fingertips, where the barriers to accessing and understanding cutting-edge discoveries no longer exist. This is not just the future, this paradigm shift is happening right now. A unique new accessibility platform at the heart of the $50 billion market for next-generation research tools, ScienceCast revolutionizes how research is accessed and communicated, leveraging the power of AI to process and manage the ever-growing expanse of scientific data. So here's a fantastic investment opportunity!  – "the Future of Open Science" – has launched its crowdfunding campaign!

Run by leading academic scientists, ScienceCast creates AI tools that enhance accessibility to scientific research and content across disciplines and publications, aiming to digest complex research for various levels of comprehension and engagement, from beginner to expert. We offer tools that allow researchers, students and science enthusiasts alike to explore, discover, and contribute to the global scientific community. Join us in shaping the future of scientific research, where exploration knows no bounds and every discovery is within reach. Our goal is to break down barriers in scientific communication and reform the traditional peer review system, fostering a more inclusive and efficient scientific community. ScienceCast collaborates with entities like arXiv and focuses on providing advanced digital tools for research and communication in the scientific field. Please watch the explainer video for a vivid grasp view of what we do. Shape the future of open science: invest in ScienceCast! (I have invested too.)

ScienceCast Crowdfunding Opportunity


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