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AQC's Shimon Kolkowitz Plays a Key Role in Q-NEXT, Awarded Significant Funding

Q-NEXT Collaboration in Quantum Science and Engineering

In a significant advancement for quantum information science, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has been recognized as a leader in this field with the Q-NEXT collaboration, which includes AQC's core team quantum physicist Shimon Kolkowitz. This collaboration was recently awarded substantial funding through the National Quantum Initiative Act by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the White House. The Q-NEXT collaboration, awarded $115 million over five years, is one of five Quantum Information Science Research Centers established to pioneer research in quantum science and technology.

Q-NEXT, led by the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory, is a groundbreaking coalition that unites nearly 100 top researchers from three national laboratories, 10 universities (including UW–Madison), and 10 leading U.S. technology companies. The collaboration aims to develop quantum science and technology for controlling and distributing quantum information. This includes the creation of quantum interconnects to quantum mechanically connect distant objects, and the establishment of a national resource for developing pristine materials for quantum science and technology, as highlighted by Mark Eriksson, the John Bardeen Professor of Physics at UW–Madison and a Q-NEXT thrust lead.

The core focus areas of Q-NEXT are:

·        Quantum Communication: Developing quantum repeaters for transmitting quantum information across long distances, aiming to establish secure, "unhackable" networks for information transfer.

·        Quantum Sensors: Achieving unprecedented sensitivities in sensors, with transformative applications across various fields including physics, materials, and life sciences.

·        Quantum Processing: Utilizing test beds for quantum simulators and future full-stack universal quantum computers, with applications in quantum simulations, cryptanalysis, and logistics optimization.

Shimon Kolkowitz, as part of this esteemed group, contributes significantly to the advancement of quantum science. His work within Q-NEXT is instrumental in driving forward these ambitious projects. Kolkowitz and his fellow UW–Madison and Wisconsin Quantum Institute faculty members are involved in five of the six research thrusts, showcasing the university’s comprehensive involvement in this pivotal field.

One of the most exciting aspects of Kolkowitz's involvement is the potential impact on the creation of a first-ever National Quantum Devices Database. This database is aimed at promoting the development and fabrication of next-generation quantum devices and facilitating quantum communications across various distances.

The Q-NEXT collaboration, with the participation of experts like Kolkowitz, is set to lead the charge in future developments in quantum science and engineering. This initiative not only contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge but also supports U.S. economic competitiveness in the rapidly growing field of quantum technology.

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