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Boutique deep tech consulting

Aspen Quantum Consulting

The team

The five scientific partners of the AQC team have roughly 100 years of experience, 500 publications and 35,000 citations in top journals among them. 


The AQC team has supervised dozens of students and postdocs who have continued to key positions in academia and industry in topics related to quantum topics. Their professional network extends from peers at academic institutions to industry.

The team is rounded out by deep legal expertise in high tech as well as in strategy consulting and financial markets.

Collectively we have years of experience in reviewing research papers and proposals across the board in quantum sciences. Funding agencies around the world have relied on the opinion of the team, including the US NSF, DOE, ARO, Moore Foundation, the German DFG, the Israeli ISF, the European Research Council, and the Swiss NSF.

Our Bios


Partner, Co-Founder

Victor is the Chesapeake Chair Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland and Fellow at the Joint Quantum Institute there, honorary professor of physics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and Editor of Annals of Physics. He holds two PhDs in applied mathematics and quantum physics. Victor is an author of more than 150 peer-reviewed publications in quantum physics that have been cited over 10,000 times. He is also an author of the book "Exploring Quantum Mechanics," published by Oxford (2013). Partly based on this book, Victor has developed and taught a massive open online course, "Exploring Quantum Physics," which has been taken by over 100,000 students world-wide. Victor received the Simons Investigator Award, Soros Fellowship, NSF career award, and Future Fellowship from Australian Research Council. His research in many-body quantum physics has been funded by the DOE, NSF, U.S. Army Research Office, IARPA, DARPA, and private foundations. 

Some usually reserved physicists have even begun to speak of a "second quantum revolution".

Frank Wilczek, winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in physics


(as quoted in Wall Street Journal, 2018)

Our strategic advisory work and consulting engagements include assisting emerging companies with commercializing their quantum technology.  One of the ways we help our client companies is by providing client management with advice and assistance with formulating and articulating their investment proposition to potential customers and investors.  We can help with identifying customers and optimizing client technology for these customers.  We can also help with developing materials that validate and describe the commercial opportunities offered by a client's quantum technology.  We are well regarded experts with an established network of contacts in the field of quantum research.  We know how to evaluate, describe and optimize quantum technology and we know where to steer it.   We bring credibility and validation to our clients, which is crucial to attracting capital investment.

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